Corporate responsibility

Idea Team is a Holding company set up with the aim of co-ordinating a multi-functional Group of business companies whose Mission is to create value in the fields of personal, environmental and ethical/social wellbeing.

The Idea Team Group behaves in a socially responsible manner, monitoring and fulfilling the economic, environmental and social expectations of all its stakeholders, and at the same time achieving its aim of gaining a competitive advantage and maximising long term profits. This is because a product or a service is not appreciated merely because of its external or functional quality; its value is mainly calculated based on non-material features, such as the terms of supply, assistance and customisation services, the image and finally the history of that product itself.

The fact that both manufacturers and consumers are aware of the central importance of these aspects in providing competitiveness and the importance of historical “traceability” of the chain of processes that resulted in creating the product itself, has been gaining the attention of the various market operators. It is thus obvious that the Idea Team Group’s “ethical commitments” fall directly within this “chain of value”, offering the use of new alternatives and competitive levers that are in line with “sustainable development” for all. This is because the Idea Team Group does not exist individually and just within the global and local "market", but operates and lives within a social fabric that includes various entities, one of the most significant of which is undoubtedly a civilised society that is particularly attentive to business management.

For Idea Team, being a “Responsible” company means being aware of the fact that integration of economic, environmental and social questions within a management is essential in order to be competitive.

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