ADVISORY NOTE PURSUANT TO ART. 13 OF EU REGULATION No. 679/2016 (on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data)
Dear Customer/Supplier/Visitor,

IDEA TEAM S.R.L.- hereinafter the “Controller” -with offices at Strada Sotto Cerca, 1 – 10030 Villareggia (TO), Italy, Tax Code/VAT no. 08688040016, as the Controller in terms of processing personal data, pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation No. 679/2016, wishes to inform you that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the principles established by the GDPR (the EU General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016), namely in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, correctness, transparency, limitation of purpose and retention, minimisation of data, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

The data that is subject to processing is browsing data as well as personal, identifying and contact data. This data is provided by the data subject, on his/her own accord, when:

  • visiting one of our offices or calling us;
  • requesting an estimate or proposing an offer;
  • previous transactions have been made;
  • interacting with us through the website by completing the on-line registration form or the “contact” form.
    Data of a personal nature that you voluntarily provide will be subject to processing for the following purposes. As regards browsing data: to allow the user to browse the Controller's website; to carry out statistical research/analysis on aggregated and anonymous data, without being able to identify the Visitor and aimed at monitoring the operation, traffic and interest in the Site itself; to fulfil legal obligations to which the Controller is subject.
    As regards personal, identifying and data:
    a) To provide services and to manage the related, necessary and/or connected activities in order to fulfil and to execute contractual obligations including the exchange of information and managing negotiations;
    b) To carry out administrative and accounting activities that are connected and instrumental to tax and bureaucratic obligations and to manage the organisation;
    c) a) To manage commercial dealings with you and with your organisation including warranty services, payment processing, accounting, invoicing and related support services.
    Data is collected and processed on the basis of the contract and/or the Controller’s explicit and legitimate interests pursuant to points (a), (b) and (c).

    Personal data processed by the Controller will not be disclosed, that is, no undetermined party will become aware of the data, in any possible form, including that of making data available or simply being able to consult it.
    Data is communicated to recipients to the extent strictly necessary in relation to the purposes referred to above.Data may be communicated, to the extent strictly necessary, to external parties who collaborate with the Controller and to parties who, for the purpose of processing requests or providing a service relative to the transaction or contractual dealings with the Controller, must provide goods and/or deliver services.In addition, data may be communicated to parties legitimately authorised to access it under provisions of law, regulations or EU directives.
    Finally, data may be communicated to third parties belonging to any of the following categories:

  • parties who provide services to manage the information systems used and to operate the Site;
  • self-employed professionals, firms or companies operating in the support or consultancy sector;
  • credit institutions;
  • - recognised authorities for compliance with legal obligations and/or public entity provisions, upon request.
    The Controller does not transfer personal data to any third country nor to any international organisation. However, the Controller reserves the right to use cloud services; in this case, service providers will be selected from amongst those who provide adequate assurances as provided for by art. 46 of the GDPR 679/16.

    Processing and storing data may take place at the Controller’s operational offices or in any other location where parties involved in processing personal data are located. Processing personal data will be done using automated and/or manual means, with methods and tools aimed at ensuring the maximum security and confidentiality, by duly authorised parties, in compliance with that set forth in art. 4 and the principle of accountability in the G.D.P.R. The Controller stores and processes personal data for the time necessary to achieve the purposes indicated above, or to carry out that requested by the user. Subsequent to processing, personal data will be stored, and not subject to further processing, for the time established by applicable current civil and tax legislation.

    Pursuant to the GDPR 679/2016, the data subject has the right of access (art. 15), the right of rectification (art. 16), the right of erasure (art. 17), the right to restrict processing (art. 18), the right to data portability (art. 20), the right to object (art. 21), the right to oppose automated individual decision-making processes (art. 22). The data subject also has the right to lodge a complaint with a Supervisory Authority in their country of residence. The data subject, for the purpose of asserting their rights, may contact the Controller at the address below, indicating his/her specific request, the right that he/she wishes to assert and attaching a photocopy of his/her identity document to certify the legitimacy of the request:
    IDEA TEAM S.R.L.– Strada Sotto Cerca, 1 – 10030 Villareggia (TO), Italy.
    Or the data subject mail send an email to:

    The data subject cannot refuse to provide the Controller with that personal data which is necessary in order to comply with the legal obligations that govern commercial and tax transactions. Providing additional personal data may be necessary in order to improve the quality and the efficiency of the transaction. Therefore, any refusal to provide the data which is required by law will make it impossible to pursue the purposes given above, whilst refusing to provide further data may compromise, in whole or in part, the ability to respond to other requests and the quality and the efficiency of the transaction itself.
    People who operate in the name and on behalf of legal persons may refuse to provide the Controller with their personal data. Providing this data is, however, necessary for the proper and efficient management of the contractual relationship. Hence, any refusal to provide such data may compromise, in whole or in part, the contractual relationship itself.
    With regards to data provided when completing the “contact” form, the data subject may refuse to give such data to the Controller, since providing this data is optional. That said, completing the fields indicated is essential in order to be able to process any request made.

    The Controller does not make use of any processing that uses automated decision-making processes.

    The Controller, in terms of processing personal data, is IDEA TEAM S.R.L. with offices at Strada Sotto Cerca, 1 – 10030 Villareggia (TO), Italy.The Controller guarantees the security, confidentiality and the protection of personal data that is in its possession, at any stage in which the same is processed.
    The updated list of internal and external Processors is available, upon request, from the Controller.

    The Controller reserves the right to make changes to the contents of this advisory note, in whole or in part, including as a result of changes to Privacy legislation.
    The Controller will publish the updated version of this note on the Site and, from that moment, it will be binding: the data subject is, therefore, invited to visit this part of the site on a regular basis.

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