Okepos is involved in understanding people and restoring them to a state of balanced all-round health, over and above any obvious disturbances that they may have. This is done using a series of methods considered most suitable, the fruit of a range of knowledge that extends from Pranotherapy to Radionics to Selfics and the various Anti-stress systems, all the way to the methods considered more truly in line with Naturopathy, iridology, chromotherapy, posturology and physiotherapeutic massages.
The centre is equipped with massage tables for full body techniques, ergonomic seats for reflexology, postural kinesiology, osteopathic treatments Our naturopaths and holistic operators are available for one-to-one meetings to create 360° states of wellbeing, using different methods with the aim of drawing up a customised program that takes into account the users actual state of health and situation.
The ultimate aim of the naturopath is to create a state of independence between operator and user, providing the proper tools to deal with a given problem, so that in future the user will be able, with experience, to have greater power over his or her own state of wellbeing.

Okepos, which means “the garden of nature”, is naturally also prevention: it is a place for the health and wellbeing of body, mind and soul, where everybody can learn to feel good with themselves, with the others and with the surrounding environment, and where it is possible to learn self-healing methods to take direct control of personal health.

Even people who consider themselves healthy can benefit from personal growth programs, in order to preserve their existing state of health.
It is also possible to book individual sessions of the following types:
- MASSAGE (relaxing, draining, revitalising, …)
- CHROMOTEST (analysis of the state of wellbeing using colours)
- IRIDOLOGY (analysis of the state of wellbeing through the eye)
- FLOWERS OF BACH (analysis and support treatment with kinesiology tests)
- FOOT REFLEXOLOGY (analysis and stimulation of the foot)

The holistic centre forms part of the new Settimo Cielo retail park, which also includes the new Nat & Bio natural store, an extremely well stocked parapharmacy and a bio restaurant to offer customers an all-round viewpoint and help them make informed choices. Okepos is a service for psycho-physical wellbeing.

Okepos Srl
Okepos Srl a socio unico
Registered office:
Strada Sotto Cerca 7
10030 Villareggia (To) - Italia

Operational headquarters:
20090 – Trezzano sul Naviglio (Mi)
Tel. (+39) 02/89601980

10036 - Via Ruggero Leoncavallo, 9, Settimo Torinese (TO)
(Settimo Cielo Retail Park)
Tel. (+39) 011/8005180