Nat & Bio is the new reference point for lovers of healthy living. At the bio store Nat & Bio, in an area of 1200 square metres, you can find organic and natural foods, organic delicatessen products, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, organic bakery products, eco-friendly detergents. You can also find over-the-counter drugs, products for food intolerance, homeopathic products, cosmetics, child-care and plant based health products. For a rest and pick-me-up there is the bio café, which is a coffee shop and restaurant in which you can savour natural and strictly organic breakfasts and lunches.
Inside the bio store there is also an information point where you can obtain all the product information, which can be sent directly to your home e-mail or to your mobile phone. In this area there are also a constant series of meetings and seminars on organic subjects and on the principles of healthy eating.

Although it is structured like a supermarket, Nat & Bio has communication and information as its main objective: a sales outlet that is seen not merely as the place where purchases are made, but as a genuine ideal place to make contact with the customer. This direct relationship with the consumer means that more can be learned about his or her habits and purchase preferences, and customer loyalty can be strengthened by monitoring the evolution of customer needs.

Beyond the concept of retail: from a mere purchase point to an experience that involves the customer’s emotions and senses, and where more than the products themselves the idea is to welcome customers to an area of involvement and enjoyment, providing them with the emotion of a new experience.

Nat & Bio Srl
Registered office:
Strada Sotto Cerca 7
10030 Villareggia (TO) – Italia

Operational headquarters:
Viale Cristoforo Colombo 37
20090 – Trezzano sul Naviglio (Mi)
Tel. (+39) – 0289601900
CEO: Mirko Ettore Berti