La Finestra sul Cielo Italia

The “Centro Est-Ovest La Finestra sul Cielo”, an associated dedicated to the spread of life and natural health related questions, was founded in Turin, Italy, in 1978. Its activities were aimed in particular at the organisation of conferences, meetings and courses on natural food and medicine, massage and bodily practices, meditation, ecology in the environment and spirituality; the Centre was also responsible for publishing books on these subjects. Within a short time the “Centro Est-Ovest” also opened a natural foods shop and a macrobiotic restaurant. These initiatives have enabled thousands of people to discover the pleasures of healthy eating, and have sometimes caused them to make radical changes to their lifestyle.

In 1987 another off-spin from “Centro Est-Ovest” came into being: what is now the company La Finestra sul Cielo, dedicated to the distribution of organic and natural foods and products of absolute quality, selected in harmony with the philosophy expressed by the other business operations. Previous activities were gradually entrusted to other operators, so that the company could concentrate all its efforts on providing consumers with products that are truly suited to a healthy natural diet, thus enhancing the experience gained over many years of educational projects.
Today, La Finestra sul Cielo continues to operate in line with the principles set from the time it was founded, applying strict selection criteria to the food products sold and to their ingredients.

In particular, all foodstuffs offered do not contain:
- sugar: refined or raw, fructose, glucose syrup, even those that are organically farmed;
- milk and dairy products: milk proteins, butter, yoghurt, powdered milk, etc., even those that are organically farming.
La Finestra sul Cielo is certified by a control body that is recognised by the Italian Ministry for Agricultural Policies and is a member of IFOAM.
La Finestra sul Cielo is currently a leader in Italy in the distribution of organic and natural food products on the specialist market. Skills, the strength of innovative ideas and the experience gained allow the creation of own brand products, setting La Finestra sul Cielo up as one of the most dynamic and creative businesses in this sector at European level.

La Finestra sul Cielo SpA
Via Rondissone, 26
10030 Villareggia (TO) - Italia
Tel.(+39) – 0161-455.511
Fax(+39) – 0161-455.595
CEO: Massimo Lorenzoni