La Finestra sul Cielo France

The French company started operations in 2007 as a subsidiary of the parent company La Finestra sul Cielo Spa (Italy). With a widespread presence in Italy, La Finestra sul Cielo has grown progressively on foreign markets as well, both by selecting exclusive specialist distributors, and by developing companies that form part of the Idea Team Group.

La Finestra sul Cielo has offered organically grown food, selecting ingredients that are suitable to ensure human wellbeing and respect for the environment. In recent years, particular attention has been given to developing lines dedicated to special foods and food intolerance such as: gluten-free and yeast-free products, products without wheat, without flour, without salt, with a low fat content.

La Finestra sul Cielo France Sarl offers customer service and a range of high quality products, and is operated by an experienced French Management capable of interpreting the market and its needs. The contribution given by La Finestra sul Cielo France to the Idea Team Group, along with its ongoing stimulation of the development of new healthy foods, is also related to ecological awareness and the importance it gives to renewable and eco-friendly energy sources.

La Finestra sul Cielo France Sarl
2060 Allée Saint Maurice
Z.I. Saint maurice
04100 Manosque - Francia
Tel.(+33) – 492737475
Fax(+33) – 492759479
Sole manager: Luc Ronfard