La Finestra sul Cielo España

The company was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of the parent company La Finestra sul Cielo Spa (Italy). The aim of setting up this Spanish company was to encourage the spread of the La Finestra sul Cielo philosophy and brand name, just as the parent company had been working and developing successfully in Italy and in other European countries since 1978.

España S.L. operates in line with the principles of strict selection of the food products sold and their ingredients.
In particular, all foodstuffs offered do not contain:
- sugar: refined or raw, fructose, glucose syrup, even those that are organically farmed;
- milk and dairy products: whey, milk proteins, butter, yoghurt, powdered milk, etc., even those that are organically farmed.

To complete its services to the customer, the company also offers a range of cosmetic products, personal and home care products, which are also selected using the principles of extremely high quality. A characteristic of the company is the fact that it is operated entirely by the Spanish Management, which is best able to interpret the food habits and tastes of the country.
The history and great cultural richness of Spain blend well with the Team’s activities, contributing to them with excellent new ideas.

La Finestra sul Cielo España S.L.
Passeig del Riu Besós 1 – Pol.Ind. Pla sota el Molì
08160 Montmeló - Barcelona - España
Tel.(+34) – 937132670
Fax(+34) – 937130027
Sole manager: Miguel Angel Montesinos